Category: Restorative Dentistry

How Dental Crowns Help Patients With Dental Emergencies

A concern that sends you to the dentist’s office for emergency care can require restorative dental work to protect the tooth causing you trouble. An injured or cavity-affected tooth can be restored with a custom dental crown, which will completely cover a tooth above the gum line and take on bite pressure on its behalf…. Read more »

Unaddressed Teeth Grinding May Be Why Your Jaw Aches

Chronic jaw pain can make days feel longer and less pleasant. If discomfort tends to be worst at the start of your day, or if you have noticed problems with teeth sensitivity or wear and tear in addition to difficult or painful jaw movement, bruxism may be the cause of your constant pain. People who… Read more »

How Can I Find Out If I Need Root Canal Therapy?

Your goal should be to avoid problems that make restorative dental work necessary, but you should not put off treatment if you think you already have a problem that calls for care from your dentist. If you try to put off service to address an active problem, that trouble with your oral health can worsen… Read more »

Arranging Restorative Dental Work For A Dental Emergency

Restorative dental work is often arranged after a dental exam reveals that a cavity has formed on a tooth, or when a patient comes in to see us about a recently-developed toothache. However, under some circumstances it may need to take place with little advance notice. If you injure a tooth, you can reach out… Read more »

Arranging Tooth Decay Treatment That Preserves Your Smile

The condition of your tooth will continue to worsen if you do not schedule cavity treatment. The unfortunate truth is that dental decay will gradually worsen in time until a dentist has addressed the matter, and the problem can reach a stage where the tooth experiences a painful infection. Why would someone put off a… Read more »

Learn What Role Dental Crowns Play In Cavity Treatment

If your dentist spots a cavity during a routine dental exam, what happens next? What will it take to make sure that your tooth is safe, and that the damage done by decay does not cause lingering problems? The right approach to restorative dental work is important, as a cavity’s damage is permanent. At our… Read more »

Start Discussing Dental Implant Placement With Your Dentist

Living with tooth loss is not ideal, as this problem often leads to the loss of more teeth, and it can make actions as simple as speaking, chewing, and biting difficult or frustrating. The sooner you act to resolve this problem, the sooner you can regain confidence in your appearance and dental function! At our… Read more »

Let Your Dentist Know If Your Filling Is Loose Or Damaged

Dental fillings restore teeth that have been damaged by decay by protecting the spaces where cavities have formed. This is a treatment that minimizes damage to your tooth structure by only covering an area where damaged tissues were removed. At our Charles City, IA dentist’s office, we use fillings that match the color and texture… Read more »

Can Root Canal Therapy Really Help Me Stop My Toothache?

Once a toothache starts to affect you, it can be difficult to ignore the matter. What you should know is that dental pain may be a warning that your tooth is in worse shape than you might suspect. Your pain may be linked to advanced dental decay, which will mean that root canal therapy will… Read more »

Arranging Prosthetic Work After A Tooth Extraction

When a patient requires restorative dental work, the goal will be to provide it while using the most conservative treatment approach possible. A tooth extraction is only arranged when there are no treatment options that will allow you to keep the tooth in place. If this procedure is required, our Charles City, IA dentist’s office… Read more »