Category: Restorative Dentistry

Is It Time To Ask About Implant Dentistry?

You can quickly grow tired of having an incomplete smile, but you may be unsure of what you should do to address this issue. After all, this is more than just a cosmetic issue, as the absence of a single tooth can have a frustrating effect on your appearance as well as your ability to… Read more »

How Dental Implants Restore Full Smiles

Implant dentistry can have a remarkable impact on a person’s oral health and appearance. Through treatment, you can regain the confidence in your smile you lost when you were left with a visible gap because of a lost tooth. You can also have an easier time with your natural bite function thanks to the presence… Read more »

Will Your Dental Work Include A Root Canal?

While you can be well aware that a cavity has to be treated by your dentist, you may be less sure of what service you need when decay is a problem for one of your teeth. In some cases, it is necessary to perform a root canal to take care of your tooth. Through this… Read more »

Keeping A Tooth Safe With A Porcelain Crown

In times when cavities do more damage than we can address with fillings, we can recommend that dental crowns cover vulnerable teeth to protect them. When you need to undergo this kind of care, you may worry about what you can really count on from your restoration. Fortunately, at our Charles City, IA dentist’s office,… Read more »

We Place Lifelike Fillings For Patients

If you experience problems with tooth decay, your dentist will have to do something about the portion of your tooth that is damaged by poor health. When the problem is caught in time, you can have work done with a discreet, durable dental filling that imitates your tooth structure. When it is put in place… Read more »

Services Provided For Patients With Cavities

Our goal in providing consistent preventive dental services is to help our patients avoid the kinds of problems that require additional services. Unfortunately, problems can arise, particularly if you do not have the right habits in place at home or do not schedule your checkups consistently. When trouble does affect your smile, our Charles City,… Read more »

How Worried Should You Be About Tooth Pain?

The more time you spend putting off a dental visit to discuss tooth pain, the more likely you are to experience complications that hurt your smile and change the kind of care you require. The pain you feel could be due to trouble with a cavity that has grown serious enough to require advanced restorative… Read more »

Protecting Your Tooth With A Secure Filling

While a cavity will cause permanent damage to your tooth, the right treatment can keep it safe from further harm or issues with oral bacteria. At our Charles City, IA dentist’s office, we can actually provide important restorative dental work with a focus on both preserving your oral health and maintaining your appearance. We are… Read more »

Receiving A Custom Crown To Protect A Tooth

While a healthy tooth is strong enough to withstand considerable biting and chewing forces, one that is damaged or affected by decay will need help. When damage does affect our enamel, the harm can be permanent. This is why restorative services rely on fillings and crowns to provide lasing support after the treatment itself. At… Read more »

Making Treatment Plans After Tooth Loss

If you put off treatment to replace lost teeth, you can experience complications that hurt your oral health and make you increasingly self-conscious about your smile. A gap actually makes you more likely to lose neighboring teeth, which means this is a problem that can worsen in time. You also have to worry about problems… Read more »