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How Worried Should You Be About Tooth Pain?

The more time you spend putting off a dental visit to discuss tooth pain, the more likely you are to experience complications that hurt your smile and change the kind of care you require. The pain you feel could be due to trouble with a cavity that has grown serious enough to require advanced restorative… Read more »

Protecting Your Tooth With A Secure Filling

While a cavity will cause permanent damage to your tooth, the right treatment can keep it safe from further harm or issues with oral bacteria. At our Charles City, IA dentist’s office, we can actually provide important restorative dental work with a focus on both preserving your oral health and maintaining your appearance. We are… Read more »

Receiving A Custom Crown To Protect A Tooth

While a healthy tooth is strong enough to withstand considerable biting and chewing forces, one that is damaged or affected by decay will need help. When damage does affect our enamel, the harm can be permanent. This is why restorative services rely on fillings and crowns to provide lasing support after the treatment itself. At… Read more »

Making Treatment Plans After Tooth Loss

If you put off treatment to replace lost teeth, you can experience complications that hurt your oral health and make you increasingly self-conscious about your smile. A gap actually makes you more likely to lose neighboring teeth, which means this is a problem that can worsen in time. You also have to worry about problems… Read more »

A Root Canal Can Stop Active Dental Pain

How worried should you be if you have tooth pain without an obvious cause? That lingering discomfort is not something to shrug off, as it can point to a problem with an advanced cavity that needs your dentist’s attention! Without timely care, a severe cavity can cause bacteria to spread beyond your tooth, and may… Read more »

Arranging Treatment For A Cavity

When you approach preventive dental care in the right way, you can reduce your risk for decay and avoid problems that require treatment. Unfortunately, many people take care to protect themselves against cavities, but find that they will need treatment for one at least once. When you find that you need work done to restore… Read more »

Should You Worry Over An Older Filling?

Is there any cause for concern over an older dental filling? Just as you would be right to worry about a sore, sensitive, or loose tooth, you should worry if an older restoration is starting to worry you or make you uncomfortable. Over time, a filling may lose its shape and become loose, or suffer… Read more »

A Crown Can Offer Lasting Tooth Support

Unfortunately, a cavity or dental injury will leave a tooth with permanent damage. While strong, our enamel is limited in its ability to recover from harm, which is why restorative dental services include work to provide permanent protection. A custom dental crown can provide support for a chipped or cracked tooth, or one that is… Read more »

What Dental Problems Call For Root Canal Therapy?

If your dentist tells you that something is wrong with your oral health, and that you need restorative dental work, should you expect to undergo root canal therapy? A root canal is an important procedure, one that can resolve a potentially serious problem with your oral health. Your Charles City, IA dentist can provide this… Read more »

What Concerns Do You Have About Cavity Treatment?

When you put effort into maintaining good daily oral hygiene efforts and see your dentist for regular dental checkups, you can keep yourself safe against potential cavities. Unfortunately, cavities are a common concern, and they can affect people who believe they have a strong preventive care routine in place. If you find yourself in need… Read more »