How Do I Respond To A Dental Emergency?

We consider a dental emergency any damage to your teeth or gums, provided the injury isn’t life threatening (at which point you should call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room). When you contact your Charles City, IA, dentist for emergency care, we will often see you the same day to treat the issue. In today’s blog, we’re looking at different ways our patients can respond to an emergency to limit discomfort before they see us!


What Benefits Will A Root Canal Offer?

What happens if your tooth develops a cavity so severe a filling may not be enough? What if your tooth becomes infected or abscessed? For these issues, we may restore the health and function of the smile using root canal therapy. A comfortable restorative treatment, root canals help stop the progression of decay and infection, safeguarding the overall health of smiles in Charles City, IA.


Creating A Filling That Matches Your Smile

If you have a cavity, then your smile could develop aches, sensitivity, and eventually, an increased risk of dental infection or abscess. In order to avoid these developments and protect your smile, we may place a dental filling. For patients worried about the impact of a restoration on their smile’s appearance, we offer Charles City, IA, residents lifelike fillings made from composite resin.


Quiz: Your Experience With Cosmetic Dental Work

People request cosmetic dental procedures to address different issues, so it makes sense that people have different experiences with these treatments. For instance, a patient who only goes in looking for whiter teeth can require a different procedure than someone who wants to take care of damaged or misshapen teeth. Your dentist will work to ensure that your goal in having cosmetic work done – whatever it is – is satisfied. Coming in for a consultation and outlining what sort of change (or changes) you would like to see can help ensure you have the outcome you hope for. (more…)

Are You Due For A Dental Exam?

Unless your dentist sees a reason for you to work on a different schedule, you should plan to go in for a regular dental exam on a semiannual basis. One reason these recurring checkups can be so important to your smile is that they limit the amount of time available for tooth decay to take hold. If a cavity develops between visits, it should be small enough that your dentist can restore your tooth with a dental filling. Longer gaps between visits can allow decay to spread to more of your tooth; a severe cavity will call for more involved restorative dental care. (more…)

Dental Care For Your Children

Everyone in your family should enjoy a healthy smile, and good oral health. You may be unsure of how and when to introduce your young child to professional dental care. How young is too young for your child to have their first visit? Should you wait until their secondary (“adult”) teeth start to arrive? It is recommended that your child actually start seeing your dentist at around the age of two. These early visits help to make sure your child feels comfortable during appointments, but they also help your dentist review their early oral development. As time progresses, the care and instruction your dentist provides can help ensure your child receives proper care for their teeth. (more…)