Is Bruxism Causing You Daily Pain?

How often do you wake up feeling pain in your face and jaw? Is dental sensitivity part of your typical morning? If so, you could be experiencing problems with bruxism, a tendency to unconsciously grind your teeth, which can lead to more than just discomfort in time. Eventually, the habit of grinding and clenching your jaw can lead to serious dental damage as well as problems with jaw alignment and movement that cause you more discomfort. At our Charles City, IA dentist’s office, we are ready to help you take on difficulties that you have with this issue. In addition to protecting you against further harm from grinding and clenching at night, we can recommend any appropriate services if you need dental work for damaged enamel. (more…)

Invisalign And Your Smile Care Goals

What are your goals for smile care? If you have concerns about the way your teeth are spaced, a big goal can be to fix these issues and make meaningful changes by closing gaps and straightening out overlaps. When patients assume that the only way to do this is to use metal braces, they can be reluctant to share their hopes for treatment. At our Charles City, IA dentist’s office, we can offer a more conservative and comfortable form of orthodontic work with Invisalign aligners. A set of these aligners will allow you to fix problems with teeth spacing without an appliance that looks awkward and must be fixed in place. (more…)

Dental Services That Hide Chips And Cracks

When you have a chipped or cracked tooth, you can have little doubt that its visibility is hurting the quality of your smile. What you should know is that this kind of issue is treatable. For many people, that treatment can take surprisingly little time and overall work on their tooth structure! At our Charles City, IA dentist’s office, we provide cosmetic services that are capable of taking on different matters. One of those matters has to do with physical harm to your enamel. A conservative cosmetic procedure can hide any chips, cracks, or other flaws that have made you less confident in how you look! (more…)

Are You Consistent With Preventive Dentistry?

Consistently booking and attending dental exams will help you preserve your smile and avoid the kinds of problems that make restorative work necessary. Our Charles City, IA dentist’s office is happy to help patients who visit us stay safe against the threats to their dental well-being. During your routine appointments, we are able to provide feedback about smile health through close reviews, and we can also lower your risk for future problems when we perform thorough teeth cleanings. Remember that delays in preventive services cause more than just a heightened risk for the formation of trouble with your smile. You also face risks from complications that can occur and make restorative services more complicated. (more…)

Enjoying A Successful Teeth Whitening Treatment

There are ways to prevent the accumulation of teeth stains. Changing your diet and being diligent about your oral hygiene can certainly help you maintain the color of your enamel, but you may want to do something about the effect that stains have already had on how you look. If this is the case, you should know that your Charles City, IA dentist can help. Through the right cosmetic procedure, we can take on issues like discoloration and give patients meaningful smile improvements. One way we can do this is by directly targeting enamel stains through teeth whitening treatment. With the custom kit that you receive from us, you can fight the worsening accumulation of stains that can come from meals, snacks, and beverages that we enjoy. (more…)

Our Treatment Solutions For Tooth Decay

If you have a cavity, ignoring it will only allow the problem to grow more serious. As time passes, the destruction of your enamel can become a severe issue, one that will result in an infection and a heightened risk for losing your tooth! The good news is that cavities can be caught and treated before a tooth extraction needs to be entertained. In fact, you can improve your odds of having any cavity issues you experience identified and cared for before there are complications when you stay current with your regular dental checkups. Our Charles City, IA dentist’s office can provide routine services that both inform you about your smile health and provide care to make you less likely to experience new issues. (more…)

Will A Root Canal Relieve Dental Pain?

The onset of a serious or persistent toothache can be intrusive as well as alarming. Putting off treatment for a potential cause of this discomfort can lead to complications, and it can prolong the time you spend in discomfort. At our Charles City, IA dentist’s office, we can recognize what this and other signs can point to when it comes to your oral health. When appropriate, we can offer treatment through root canal therapy, which can address trouble within the tooth structure that is affecting you. After providing this service, we can ensure that your tooth remains safe and secure by capping it with a secure dental crown. (more…)

Custom-Made Veneers And Your Smile

Through cosmetic dentistry, there are many meaningful changes to a person’s appearance that we can make. It can be welcome news to hear that with just one cosmetic treatment, we can actually take on many problems at one time, giving you significant results in just a short time. Our Charles City, IA dentist’s office can provide noteworthy changes in just two appointments when we restore teeth with custom porcelain veneers. The use of veneers makes it possible for us to alter teeth that are the wrong shape or size, the wrong color, or damaged. In some cases, this can even be a smart and convenient way of hiding signs of poor smile alignment. (more…)

How We Use Dental Cleanings To Help Patients

How are you currently doing at protecting your smile? If you are not keeping up with good habits on a daily basis, problems with tartar and plaque buildup can lead to more serious issues with your oral health that will have to be managed. While our Charles City, IA dentist’s office is here to help you avoid complications by providing prompt restorative services, remember that we are also here to help with the preservation of your smile, something that can keep you safe from the kinds of threats that demand more advanced restorative services. Dental cleanings are an important aspect of preventive care, as they keep the plaque and tartar buildup managed so that the bacteria they contain will not create new difficulties. (more…)

Keeping A Child’s Smile Healthy

Keeping up with your kids can be tiring, but it is certainly important. When it comes to matters of oral health, younger children especially benefit from their parents’ support. With that said, you are not alone in helping them maintain a healthy smile. Your Charles City, IA dentist’s office can help you protect your youngsters by providing consistent pediatric dental services! At these appointments, we can provide support that is age-appropriate and comfortable. Early visits can be important for establishing good relationships and making kids more comfortable at future appointments. In addition to gently welcoming them to our office, we can provide beneficial early reviews, encourage good oral hygiene, and offer guidance so that you can better protect their smile between appointments! (more…)