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Bridges And Dentures

Tooth loss is a serious issue for plenty of reasons. Losing your full smile robs you of a confident appearance, and missing teeth can lead to issues with awkward or painful biting or chewing. These issues, along with new speech difficulties and more vulnerability to oral health concerns, should not be taken lightly. Restorative dentistry includes options for treatment that include replacing lost teeth with a dental bridge or denture. These restorations can give you better bite function and health support while also restoring confidence in your smile! We can also discuss the role that implant dentistry can play in resolving tooth loss.

Permanent Smile Restorations With Dental Bridges

A bridge is a fixed appliance that consists of one or more pontics (replacement teeth) set between a pair of dental crowns. The crowns are affixed to the healthy teeth that border the gap in your smile, holding the bridge and replacement teeth in line. Bridges are most often recommended for patients with a single missing tooth, or to replace several adjacent teeth.

Using Partial And Complete Dentures To Resolve Tooth Loss

A partial denture consists of several replacement teeth situated on a comfortable base that spans your dental ridge. The replacement teeth fit around and between the teeth that remain, and may be supported by small discreet clasps. Partial dentures are required when you have lost several teeth that are not adjacent to each other.

As the name suggests, a complete denture consists of an entire row of lifelike replacement teeth on a comfortable, gum-colored base. The base is custom-designed to conform to the shape of your dental ridge for a comfortable, sturdy, and lifelike feel. Your dentist may suggest supporting your denture on a series of dental implants, which are prosthetic root posts that are surgically inserted into the jawbone.

Talk To Your Charles City, IA Dentist About Treatment With Bridges And Dentures

Through the placement of a custom dental bridge, partial denture, or complete denture, we can bring back your complete smile! Care from our practice can give you back more confidence in the way you look, improve your bite function, and better support your oral health. For more information on what a bridge or denture can do for you, call our Charles City, IA dental office at 641-228-1115.