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Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies can strike at any time, and in any form, from sudden tooth damage to accidental avulsion (a knocked-out tooth). When an emergency strikes, call our office as soon as possible to schedule an emergency visit. In many cases, we can schedule your appointment the same day so you can receive the treatment you need in a hurry.

We Respond To Oral Health Issues On Short Notice

An injury that damages your tooth or causes it to leave its socket, the onset of significant pain, or any other issue that makes dental care a priority can require attention on short notice. Our practice is ready to assess the issue and provide the appropriate service to restore your oral health. Call our number when you need attention; we can arrange to meet with you and provide helpful guidance to address pain or bleeding related to your emergency.

If your dental emergency is part of a larger threat to your well-being or a risk to your life, we do recommend general emergency services before seeking out oral health care.

Our Charles City, IA Dental Office Is Ready To Help When You Need Emergency Dental Treatment!

Problems that require urgent dental care can be stressful, painful, and even scary. Having confidence that your dentist can help you can make this difficult situation easier to manage. For more information on our emergency oral health support, contact our Charles City, IA dental office at 641-228-1115.