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Root Canal Treatment

The tooth decay that causes cavities is progressive. The longer it remains, the more of your tooth it will infect. In severe cases, a tooth filling may not be enough to treat a cavity; this is the case when bacteria have entered the central chamber of the tooth, a space known as the pulp. For internal problems caused by advanced decay or complications from an injury, your restorative dental work may require root canal treatment, or retreatment if a previous root canal procedure has failed.

What To Expect From Your Root Canal Treatment

With advanced dental technology and—if necessary—dental sedation in the form of nitrous oxide (laughing gas), we can usually perform root canal treatment in a single day, and with minimal discomfort. The procedure entails carefully accessing and cleaning the tooth’s pulp and root canal, then sealing the root canal and pulp with gutta percha. Then, your dentist will fill the cavity in the tooth’s main structure and cap the tooth with a dental crown for improved protection.

While dental decay is often responsible for problems requiring a root canal, a physical injury can also cause concerns within the tooth structure that must be addressed. If you need to reach out about a potential dental emergency, or if you book a treatment in advance for damage to your enamel, we will assess whether a root canal should occur.

Your Charles City, IA Dentist Can Restore Your Dental Health With A Root Canal Treatment

Serious cases of dental decay or physical harm to your tooth structure can make more involved care necessary. Through root canal treatment, our practice can save your tooth and stop worsening complications from an issue within its structure. To find out more, contact Central Park Dentistry in Charles City, IA today at 641-228-1115.