Book Dental Exams On A Consistent Schedule

Is it really important that you keep up with your preventive dental exams? If you consistently receive the news that your smile is completely healthy, should you pause these appointments until you feel you need more help caring for your teeth? Even if you regularly hear that your teeth and gums are in good condition, you should keep up with preventive appointments. A typical patient will have an easier time preserving their healthy smile when they combine smart daily habits with checkups. At our Charles City, IA dentist’s office, we can provide valuable ongoing support to help you keep your teeth and gums safe against problems.

How Long Should I Go Between Dental Checkups?

Unless your dentist has already told you to do something different, you should plan to go in for routine dental exams and cleanings every six months. A semiannual schedule provides regular updates about problems that can require further treatment. It also ensures you have frequent teeth cleanings capable of removing plaque and tartar buildup so that you stay safe against gum disease and dental decay. Even if you feel certain there is nothing wrong with your oral health, you may discover there is a problem that will call for restorative dental work.

What To Expect During A Routine Dental Visit

Regular appointments provide regular opportunities for your dentist to check your smile for the development of any issues that might require treatment. That can mean help managing gingivitis or a dental filling for a cavity, but it can also mean addressing TMJ disorder. This issue develops when a person experiences issues with jaw pain due to problems with their bite movement and/or joint alignment. It can also be linked to teeth grinding troubles that can hurt your enamel. Because your visits also include thorough teeth cleanings, they also make it easier for you to avoid future difficulties that might require our services.

Arranging Treatment If A Problem Is Identified During Your Visit

If a problem is identified at your next appointment, we will evaluate it and determine what we can do to help you. The services we provide to address dental decay include work to restore teeth with fillings as well as services like root canal therapy, which addresses problems with advanced decay or injury that can lead to an infection. We can also discuss oral appliance therapy to help with TMJ disorder and teeth grinding, treatment for sleep apnea troubles, and more!

Book Your Next Dental Exam With Your Charles City, IA Dentist

Through regular dental checkups, we make it easier for our patients to keep their teeth and gums safe from problems that can negatively impact their oral health. If you need to book your next appointment, or if there are any issues that you need to address, please contact Central Park Dentistry at (641) 228-1115.

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