3 Issues That Are Easier To Avoid When You Schedule Checkups

Oral health issues are a common concern. Unfortunately, even when people feel confident that they are doing enough to protect themselves against dental decay and gum disease, they can experience problems that call for a trip to the dentist’s office. One thing you can do to stay safe against these threats to your oral health is continue scheduling your regular dental exams. Our Charles City, IA dentist’s office continues to see patients, and we have increased our safety measures to make sure we can provide preventive services while keeping you protected against infection risks. By consistently seeing your dentist, you can avoid certain problems that can lead to cosmetic and oral health trouble!

1. Unresolved Trouble With Teeth Grinding And Jaw Pain

If you have problems with teeth grinding that you do not address, you can experience increasing discomfort and sensitivity issues. Eventually, you can also experience trouble with advanced wear and tear that may call for cosmetic dental work, or even restorative services! If your dentist notices the start of wear and tear from teeth grinding at night, they can recommend that you wear a custom guard during the night. This will keep your teeth safe, and put a stop to painful grinding and clenching that can affect your quality of life.

2. Problems With Advanced Gum Disease

Gingivitis is an issue that affects many people. While it is a common threat, it is one that can be dealt with through good hygiene. However, if an infection forms and is not treated in time, the complications from advanced gum disease can make you vulnerable to tooth loss and impact your general health! As part of the services we provide during routine checkups, we will check your gums for any signs of poor periodontal health. We also reduce your risk for gingivitis when cleaning your teeth, as we can remove the plaque and tartar deposits that have formed at your gum line.

3. Tooth Infections

If a cavity is caught in time, it can be treated with a dental filling that restores the tooth’s health and stops bacteria from spreading any further. One consequence of advanced tooth decay is the onset of an infection when bacteria begin to attack your pulp. Infections do more than just cause you pain. Eventually, those harmful microbes in your pulp can move through the roots of your teeth and create more health issues. To stop this problem, your dentist can perform root canal therapy. Of course, we can also protect you by checking for early signs of decay during a checkup.

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