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Keeping Up With The Whole Family’s Oral Health

family's oral health charles city iaIf it has been longer than six months since your last visit to the dentist, it is time to make an appointment for a semiannual dental checkup. this is also the case for your child, and while we know that time can be stressful as a parent, you need to pay attention to these pivotal healthcare visits. While you wait to see your oral healthcare provider, serious concerns such as tooth decay and periodontal disease can progress and put your family’s smiles at risk.

At our helpful local Charles City, IA dental clinic, we can help your whole family to stay on top of your oral health with consistent dental checkups. Set aside some time for your little one to come in so that you can help them to grow up with positive dental values. These habits start at an early age, so you want to be sure to keep them on their timeline of semiannual visits. While they are here, talk to our team about setting up an appointment for your very own checkup!

Your Child Needs To See The Dentist Every Six Months Or Sooner

Even when your child is little, it is important to keep them close to the dentist as they grow. Their dental habits start from a very early age, so you have an opportunity to give them the knowledge that they need to be successful in their oral health maintenance. Don’t let their baby teeth fool you, either, as this set is vital in creating a roadmap for their adult teeth. Losing one or more prematurely can lead to orthodontic issues down the line.

Just like you do, your little one needs to visit with the dentist at least twice a year, and scheduling a dental appointment right before the holidays can be a great time to keep them on track!

How Long Has It Been Since Your Last Dental Checkup?

One thing that parents often notice when scheduling their child’s dental appointments is that it might have been a while since their last visit. If this sounds like you, take this opportunity to show them how it’s done and be a positive role model in their oral health journey. This way, you can help your child to understand the value of consistent dental checkups, while taking the time to care for your own oral health needs at the same time. Take time before the holidays to improve the oral health of the whole family!

Schedule Your Family’s Next Round Of Dental Checkups at Central Park Dentistry!

Before the hectic holiday season, take some time to meet with your dentist for a semiannual checkup. To learn more or to schedule appointments for your family, give us a call at Central Park Dentistry in Charles City, IA at (641)228-1115!