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Appliance Therapy For Your Sleep Disorder

Smiling Woman Charles City IAIf you struggle with your sleep, you should know that you are far from alone in this struggle. In the United States, common sleep disorders related to oral health are highly prevalent, and these conditions can cause lasting harm. When you are not receiving the rest that you need to make it through the day, talk with a trusted team of sleep science experts about your options in treatment.

At Central Park Dentistry in Charles City, IA, you can take positive steps in achieving a more peaceful night of sleep with an oral appliance. Appliance-based therapy can help to alleviate of two of the most common oral health sleeping disorders, known as bruxism and chronic obstructive sleep apnea. Bruxism refers to the unconscious grinding of teeth, and when this happens overnight, it can cause a serious deterioration of your smile due to enamel erosion. An oral appliance can also be beneficial in the treatment of your obstructive sleep apnea, so tell your dentist about your sleep struggles and learn about your options in treatment!

Grinding Your Teeth Overnight? Ask Your Dentist About An Oral Appliance For Your Bruxism

One of the most common unconscious habits that people have is teeth grinding, and when this happens during sleep, it can become a real problem for the future of your smile. When you are awake, you may be able to reroute this habit into chewing a healthy snack. During sleep, however, the collision of your teeth can lead to the erosion of your enamel.

In order to protect your smile from damage due to overnight teeth grinding, talk to your dentist about an oral appliance. This is a slim, BPA-free mouthguard that helps keep your smile safe as you sleep. An oral appliance can be a comfortable way to keep your enamel safe overnight from your bruxism!

Oral Appliances Can Also Be Helpful In Treating Chronic Obstructive Sleep Apnea

If your loved ones have brought up their concern over your loud snoring, you might also benefit from the use of an oral appliance. Chronic obstructive sleep apnea happens when your throat tissue becomes a little too soft during your nightly rest, blocking your airway. Sleep apnea can increase your risk heart attack and stroke, so take your condition seriously and talk to your dentist about an oral appliance. By gently repositioning your jaw, an oral appliance can keep your airway free so that you can breathe fully during sleep!

Learn More About Oral Appliance Therapy For Sleep Apnea And Bruxism

The quality of your sleep makes a difference in your daily life, so if you are struggling with a common sleep disorder, talk to our team about appliance-based therapy. To learn more about your options in treatment for sleep apnea or bruxism, call us at Central Park Dentistry in Charles City, IA at (641)228-1115!