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When Was Your Last Cleaning And Screening?

Hat Smile Charles City IA CCIAAre you up to date on your schedule of appointments with the dentist? If you have made a habit of skipping your visits with a trained oral health professional, now is your opportunity to renew your focus. Most people require checkups every six months, with some needing more frequent visits depending on their genetic and environmental situation. When you ignore your preventive measures, you allow problems to develop and cause lasting harm, so be sure to keep to the schedule that your dentist gives to you.

At our office in beautiful Charles City, IA, we can help you to find your way back to a healthy timeline of preventive care through positive semiannual checkups with an understanding dentist. Set aside some time for a routine cleaning in order to remove any bacterial buildup of plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth. While you are in the office, you will also receive a thorough examination of your smile so that you and your dentist can identify the weaker spots in your oral health. You have the power to be proactive in your dentistry!

Has It Been Longer Than Six Months Since Your Last Checkup?

If it has been some time since your last visit to the dentist, you might be a little anxious. The important thing to remember is that finding your way back to positive dental health is something that you have the power to achieve. Take some time to see a trusted provider for a cleaning and examination of your smile and discover the advantages of prevention.

Your appointment starts with the removal of any problem bacterial buildup of plaque and tartar. These forms of acidic biofilm contribute to tooth decay, and you may not be able to safely remove them on your own. We can help you to have a cleaner smile, free of plaque and tartar.

Semiannual Checkups Help You To Find Your Diagnoses Early

Alongside your cleaning, you will receive a visual examination of your mouth, as well as any needed imagery. This process helps you and your provider to see any changes within your smile, and more consistent visits allow your dentist to identify concerns as they develop. We can also provide you with an oral cancer screening at your appointment, giving you a comprehensive form of preventive care. Take control of your dentistry by returning to a positive schedule of cleanings and examinations!

Schedule Your Next Checkup With Central Park Dentistry

Is it time for your next dental appointment for a cleaning and examination? If so, speak with a valued member of our team at Central Park Dentistry in Charles City, IA by calling (641)228-1115. You have the opportunity to find your way back to a timeline of preventive care!