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Upgrade Your Smile With Invisalign®

Glasses Charles City IADo your teeth affect your ability to make a positive first impression? If you are struggling with your appearance as a result of a misaligned smile, take the time to speak with your dentist about your options in treatment. With our team in Charles City, IA, you have an option that can improve the appearance of your smile, so talk to our team about orthodontic treatment!

Clear aligner therapy from Invisalign® can also help you to avoid the intrusion of traditional means of correction such as braces, allowing you to go about your day. Rather than your procedure, show the world your improvement with the use of these nearly invisible aligner trays. You have the opportunity to achieve a more gorgeous smile with this simple form of cosmetic dental treatment, so talk to your oral health provider about Invisalign®!

Care For Both Your Cosmetic And Medical Needs With Invisalign®

Your misaligned teeth can be a significant impairment for your appearance, as people notice when your smile quality is lacking. When you need a change, take the time to speak with a trained cosmetic dentist about your options, and discover how you can achieve a better look. With clear aligners from Invisalign®, you can make a significant positive change for your dentistry.

While you may focus primarily upon the cosmetic elements of alignment treatment, this process can also be a huge help in your everyday oral health maintenance. When your brush cannot reach into certain areas between your teeth, plaque and tartar can form. On your own, you may not be able to remove the bacterial buildup, leading to tooth decay where you are unable to fully maintain your smile.

How Invisalign® Improves Your Smile While Keeping Your Process Private

If you have been holding off on seeking treatment for your misalignment or malocclusion, it might be because you want to avoid the disruption that can come with traditional orthodontics. Instead, discover how a nearly invisible solution from Invisalign® can help you. This process uses a thin BPA-free set of progressive aligners that gently hug your teeth. As you reach nearer to your cosmetic smile goal, you will swap out your trays for a new set. Be sure to wear your aligners for the full prescribed period for the best results!

Learn More About Invisalign® Treatment In Charles City, IA

When you are looking for a helpful way to enhance your smile’s appearance and your ability to maintain your oral hygiene, talk to your provider about Invisalign®. For more information about clear aligner treatment, give us a call at Central Park Dentistry in Charles City, IA at (641)228-1115. Schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns and learn more about how orthodontic improvement can help you!