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Making Time For Regular Dental Exams

If you want to keep your smile in good health, you should make consistent checkups a priority. Of course, visits with your dentist are not the only thing you should do to protect your teeth and gums! On a daily basis, thorough brushing and flossing, along with smart dieting, will lower your risk for problems… Read more »

Discussing Bruxism At A Dental Exam

Waking up with sore and sensitive teeth, experiencing jaw pain and stiffness in the morning, and observing changes in your smile brought on by wear and tear are all signs that you struggle with bruxism. Nightly teeth grinding can lead to serious trouble for your oral health and appearance when not addressed. Fortunately, you can… Read more »

Dealing With Bruxism Brought On By Stress

As you struggle to manage stress, you can start to experience a worrying change in your nightly rest. Instead of sleeping peacefully, you may begin to grind and clench your teeth while you sleep. This issue, known as bruxism, can lead to trouble with your smile and oral health. Over time, the mounting stress on… Read more »

Regular Dental Checkups And Your Periodontal Health

If your gums are not healthy, you can be at risk for more oral health – and general health – problems than you may currently realize. Did you know that gum disease can make someone more likely to lose teeth later in life? If an infection is not addressed in time, bacteria on the roots… Read more »

3 Issues That Are Easier To Avoid When You Schedule Checkups

Oral health issues are a common concern. Unfortunately, even when people feel confident that they are doing enough to protect themselves against dental decay and gum disease, they can experience problems that call for a trip to the dentist’s office. One thing you can do to stay safe against these threats to your oral health… Read more »

Unaddressed Teeth Grinding May Be Why Your Jaw Aches

Chronic jaw pain can make days feel longer and less pleasant. If discomfort tends to be worst at the start of your day, or if you have noticed problems with teeth sensitivity or wear and tear in addition to difficult or painful jaw movement, bruxism may be the cause of your constant pain. People who… Read more »

Avoid These Mistakes When Brushing Your Teeth

People tend to start brushing on their own at around the ages of six and seven. That means adults have plenty of experience caring for their smile, but it also means they have years to grow comfortable and complacent. If you are not careful, you may overlook poor habits that make you more likely to… Read more »

These Flossing Tips Can Help You Maintain Healthier Teeth!

Failing to properly and consistently floss can be more costly than you realize. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly assume that they will not have to worry about flossing each day if they want to prevent dental problems, while others simply fail to make time for this practice. Without a flossing routine in place, you can let… Read more »

Can Grinding Your Teeth Really Cause Oral Health Problems?

One physical response to stress that many people experience is an increase in unconscious teeth grinding. This can be uncomfortable during the day, but it can be a particularly worrying problem if you engage in this habit while you sleep. Over time, nighttime teeth grinding can lead to wear and tear that hurts your smile,… Read more »

3 Reasons To Stay Consistent With Your Regular Dental Exams

Routine dental checkups are beneficial for anyone who wants to keep their smile in good health. With that said, you will see less value from preventive care if you are not scheduling your appointments on a consistent basis. Failing to stick with a semiannual checkup schedule makes you more vulnerable to tartar buildup and more… Read more »