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Exams And Cleanings

Semiannual examinations and dental cleanings play an important role in preserving your dental health, which is why they are important even when you are confident your smile is problem-free. During each appointment, Dr. Hansen or Dr. Hemming will thoroughly inspect your teeth, gums, bite, and oral tissues to detect any issues that may be present. Like a physical checkup, your twice yearly dental exam and cleaning can keep your oral health on track, and alert you in any circumstances where you need further treatment.

If you have pre-existing conditions that affect your health or your vulnerability to new problems, your visits may need to occur more often. We can happily work with you to create a long-term plan to best support your needs when it comes to maintaining your smile and well-being.

What To Expect At Your Exam

Your dental checkup will include an examination as well as a thorough cleaning of your teeth. The cleaning your hygienist provides can remove tartar buildup as well as plaque in order to protect you against decay or gum disease.

Examinations can consist of visual inspections from your dentist as well as reviews that depend on advanced dental technology like digital x-rays to perform a more comprehensive review. Reviews that rely on imaging technology can deliver important details as well as provide advance warnings about problems that are difficult to identify with a visual review alone. Beyond addressing common concerns like tooth decay and gum disease, we can address different disorders rooted in oral health, including problems like sleep apnea, TMJ disorder, and bruxism.

Treating TMJ Disorder And Bruxism

Patients who have problems with jaw pain and stiffness, regular headaches, and signs of wear and tear on teeth can benefit from treatment for TMJ disorder and/or bruxism. If appropriate, we will discuss a plan for care that can include the use of a custom oral appliance to address poor jaw alignment and teeth grinding.

Addressing Concerns About Gum Disease

Trouble with your periodontal health can lead to long-term problems for your general well-being. An infection affecting your gums can also significantly raise your risk for tooth loss! Patients affected by gingivitis can undergo ultrasonic scaling, a special cleaning that uses ultrasonic waves to make the breakup of bacteria on the roots of teeth more comfortable. We can work with you on a long-term solution if your infection has reached a more advanced stage.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Our dental technology enables us to identify lesions, rough patches and sores that will not heal, even when they are in a small, harder-to-observe state. Early detection is crucial to the successful treatment of oral cancer, which is why we rely on digital imaging tools capable of performing advanced reviews.

Talk To Your Charles City, IA Dentist About Scheduling Your Next Dental Exam And Cleaning!

Your regular dental checkups are important to the long-term health of your smile. If you need to book a visit, or if you have any questions about our care, please call Central Park Dentistry in Charles City, IA at 641-228-1115.