Protecting Your Tooth With A Secure Filling

While a cavity will cause permanent damage to your tooth, the right treatment can keep it safe from further harm or issues with oral bacteria. At our Charles City, IA dentist’s office, we can actually provide important restorative dental work with a focus on both preserving your oral health and maintaining your appearance. We are able to do this because our treatment options include fillings and crowns that can imitate your enamel. When you need a dental filling because of decay, we can review the benefits of using a metal restoration versus providing one made to imitate your natural tooth structure. We can also look into the possibility that you will need more than just a filling for your restorative treatment.

The Importance Of Prompt Cavity Treatment

When you learn that you have a cavity, you should make treatment a priority. Waiting to arrange care means experiencing more problems with decay, and that can lead to complications that change how we approach your care. In time, bacteria can make their way into your tooth structure, a problem that will call for root canal therapy. Even if you still have time to address decay before this occurs, remember that all of the damage you experience is irreversible, meaning you will not regain what you lose.

Choosing The Right Material For Your Filling

We can provide both amalgam metal and composite dental fillings. If our primary concern is the strength of your restoration, and your cavity is not in a visible area, metal can be the appropriate choice. This substance is stronger, which means it can better withstand recurring biting and chewing pressures. With that said, a composite material that imitates your enamel can be more appropriate if you need work done on a front tooth. This substance can provide the necessary functional support to preserve your bite function while it also addresses concerns about how you look.

What Can Happen If Cavity Treatment Is Delayed?

The longer you wait to schedule cavity treatment, the more your cavity will grown. Remember that a dental crown requires more involved preparatory treatment, and leads to the removal of more of your tooth structure, than a filling. You should also keep in mind that putting off care means you are more likely to develop an infection that has to be addressed via root canal.

Talk To Your Charles City, IA Dentist About Cavity Treatment

A cavity treatment performed at our Charles City, IA dentist’s office can fully restore your oral health and appearance. Our office is ready to respond to your issues with decay whether you need minor work done on a small cavity or more involved care for one that is larger. If you wish to learn more, please contact Central Park Dentistry at (641) 228-1115.

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