Unaddressed Teeth Grinding May Be Why Your Jaw Aches

Chronic jaw pain can make days feel longer and less pleasant. If discomfort tends to be worst at the start of your day, or if you have noticed problems with teeth sensitivity or wear and tear in addition to difficult or painful jaw movement, bruxism may be the cause of your constant pain. People who experience habitual teeth grinding often struggle with this issue throughout the night. The hours of unconscious grinding and clenching can damage your enamel while also negatively affecting the health and alignment of your jaw joints. At our Charles City, IA dentist’s office, we can examine you to see if bruxism affects you. We can ease tension on your jaw and protect your smile through the appropriate treatment.

Teeth Grinding Can Be More Harmful Than You Realize

Teeth grinding’s effect on your oral health and appearance will worsen over time if the problem is not being managed. If you do not intervene, nighttime grinding and clenching can lead to problems with chipped or cracked enamel. When this occurs, you will have to worry about smile flaws as well as potential trouble for your oral health! By the time you speak with your dentist about your concerns, you may already need root canal therapy and dental crowns for teeth left in the worst condition.

Receiving A Custom Appliance To Protect Your Smile

You can stop yourself from wearing down your teeth by wearing a custom oral appliance each night. As you rest, the guard will keep your teeth apart, so no grinding or clenching can occur. This can keep your enamel safe, and it can reduce stress on your joints and muscles that can cause chronic pain or stiffness to become an issue.

Arranging Treatment For Dental Damage That Has Already Occurred

How can your dentist help if you already have dental damage from nightly teeth grinding problems? After evaluating the condition of your teeth, we can determine if you would benefit more from restorative dental work, or from cosmetic dental treatment. Cosmetic services are more conservative, but restorative work is needed when advanced wear and tear impact your health or ability to put pressure on teeth.

Talk To Your Charles City, IA Dentist’s Office If You Are Worried About Teeth Grinding

If a problem with nightly teeth grinding is not addressed, it can do serious harm to your smile, and it can lead to persistent difficulties with jaw pain, stiffness, and sensitivity! Our Charles City, IA dentist’s office can work with you on stopping bruxism. We can also help if this habit of grinding your teeth has caused damage that requires professional dental services. To find out more, contact Central Park Dentistry at (641) 228-1115.

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