3 Reasons Patients Choose Treatment With Porcelain Veneers

How confident do you currently feel in the way you look when you smile? For many people, at least one dental flaw exists that they would like to address. While these different issues can vary, many can be treated with the same procedure. Our Charles City, IA dentist’s office offers several cosmetic dental procedures, including treatment with porcelain veneers. Veneers are custom-made, thin shells that will be placed over the fronts of teeth. When they are put in place, they cover problems with the shape, size, and color of teeth that appear unattractive. While this is one of many treatments that are available, it should be noted that patients often see all of their desired cosmetic improvements with this single treatment!

1. Veneers Can Address Multiple Flaws At One Time

It is common for patients to have more than one problem with their teeth. For instance, a person with chipping issues and discoloration may hope to resolve both problems in the shortest time possible. With porcelain veneers, we can actually improve the shape, size, and color of teeth that you want to improve. Because these restorations completely cover the fronts of teeth, they are able to hide any visible flaws that patients hope to resolve!

2. Modest Changes To Your Tooth Structure Can Produce Big Improvements

When dental crowns are placed, your dentist has to modify enough enamel to let this restoration completely cover your tooth. Veneers only require minor modifications, as these slim restorations fit on the fronts of teeth. This means you experience fewer changes to the way you look, but you still see exciting overall improvements!

3. Your Veneers Can Be Counted On To Remain In Good Condition

Other cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening and treatment via bonding and contouring offer exciting smile improvements. One thing that sets veneers apart from these options is that your veneers are designed with a remarkably strong porcelain material that is easier to preserve. While you still need to practice smart habits and consistent preventive care, you can count on your procedure to continue benefiting you through the years!

Talk To Your Charles City, IA Dentist About Receiving Porcelain Veneers

If you have minor cosmetic improvements you want to make, or even significant changes, you can find that porcelain veneers are an effective solution to your problems. With custom veneers, we are able to address discoloration, hide damage, and even change the shapes of teeth that look unattractive. Modest work on your tooth structure can produce significant changes that are long-lasting. If you want to know more about porcelain veneers, or if you want to ask questions about your other treatment options, please reach out to Central Park Dentistry in Charles City, IA today at (641) 228-1115.

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