Professional Teeth Whitening at Home

A bright, beautiful smile can sometimes be marred by nothing more than a few stains, or a general change in your teeth’s youthful, vibrant color. The good news is that professional teeth whitening can erase most common teeth stains and restore your smile’s vibrant appearance with little or no impact on your already-busy schedule.

How Teeth Whitening Works

During your visit, Dr. Hansen will first carefully check your teeth and oral tissues to determine that teeth whitening is the right choice. If your teeth stains originate from underneath your enamel, or if they indicate tooth damage or infection, then he can recommend a more appropriate treatment to improve your smile and the state of your oral health.

For patients with surface teeth stains (or extrinsic stains), Dr. Hansen can design a take-home kit that includes custom trays and a supply of professional-strength bleaching gel. Over the course of 10-14 days, you can apply the gel to your teeth using the whitening trays for a couple of hours a day to dramatically improve your smile’s appearance.

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