Obtain A Stunning Smile With Porcelain Veneers

Your Charles City, IA, dentist understands the importance of an attractive smile. To ensure you enjoy a new year with a new smile, we may suggest a unique treatment option. Porcelain veneers address more than just one cosmetic issue. In fact, we can use them to correct a wide array of esthetic issues, including discoloration, minor damage, and even the appearance of misalignment.


Good News About Modern Tooth Fillings

Having a cavity is a big deal. If you don’t treat it as soon as possible, it will only get worse, along with the discomfort and risks that it causes. Many people also believe that treating their cavities means receiving a metal filling, which will forever mar their smiles’ appearance. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be true! With modern tooth fillings, many of the misconceptions about cavity treatment are no longer factors, and their benefits may be more important for your smile than you realize. (more…)

Don’t Let Benefits Expire Without Using Them!

If you have dental insurance, or a flex spending account, then you have benefits and money that could expire at the end of December. Instead of letting these benefits expire without being used, why not schedule a visit with your Charles City, IA, dentist? Our team can offer a custom treatment plan and help you enjoy optimal oral health and smile beauty before 2019 passes us by!


When Do Patients Need Dental Sedation?

Do you feel anxious about visiting the dentist? If so, then you’re definitely not alone. Studies show that anywhere between 8% and 15% of people in the United States experiences some form of dental anxiety, and this anxiety, whether based on lack of experience or bad prior visits, could stand between you and a healthy smile. In order to help our Charles City, IA, patients obtain the care they need, we offer sedation dentistry to address dental anxiety.