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Chip Your Tooth During Your Thanksgiving Meal? We Can Help!

No matter how intimate or casual your gathering is, a Thanksgiving meal with your family can be a true delight…unless that meal ends with a chipped tooth! The unfortunate truth is that one unlucky bite can leave you with damaged enamel. If that happens, you should have your dentist evaluate the injury – even if… Read more »

Quiz: Your Experience With Cosmetic Dental Work

People request cosmetic dental procedures to address different issues, so it makes sense that people have different experiences with these treatments. For instance, a patient who only goes in looking for whiter teeth can require a different procedure than someone who wants to take care of damaged or misshapen teeth. Your dentist will work to… Read more »

Are You Due For A Dental Exam?

Unless your dentist sees a reason for you to work on a different schedule, you should plan to go in for a regular dental exam on a semiannual basis. One reason these recurring checkups can be so important to your smile is that they limit the amount of time available for tooth decay to take… Read more »

Dental Care For Your Children

Everyone in your family should enjoy a healthy smile, and good oral health. You may be unsure of how and when to introduce your young child to professional dental care. How young is too young for your child to have their first visit? Should you wait until their secondary (“adult”) teeth start to arrive? It… Read more »