Category: Snoring/Sleep Apnea

See Your Dentist For Sleep Apnea Treatment

A problem with sleep apnea can rob you of your ability to rest properly, and that can become a serious health concern. The longer you spend not treating this issue, the more you can struggle with effects of sleep deprivation. Nightly breathing troubles can also have negative consequences because they can raise your blood pressure… Read more »

Should I Really Tell My Dentist That I Snore?

You may prefer to keep the number of people who know that you snore to a minimum. People often feel embarrassed by this problem, and because of this they try not to speak about it. What you might not realize is that your dentist should know that you have snoring issues, especially if you also… Read more »

Why You Should Mention Snoring Issues To Your Dentist

There should be little doubt in your mind that a toothache is something to mention to your dentist during a routine dental exam. What you might not realize is that your visits can cover more than just common concerns about tooth decay and gum disease. Those who struggle with nightly snoring, or worry about possible… Read more »

Did You Know Your Dentist Can Help with Snoring?

Snoring is a common habit, and while some people may never snore, others may do it constantly. In some cases, it can be so consistent that it may have an impact on your health and wellbeing. At our Charles City, IA, dentist’s office, we can often help patients address chronic snoring conditions and help them… Read more »