Month: March 2022

Should I Ask Questions About Veneers?

What interest do you have in changing your smile? For many, cosmetic dentistry is appealing because it is an opportunity to fix problems with dental discoloration. For others, it can be a way to resolve problems with dental damage, including damage from gradual wear and tear. What you should know is that these and other… Read more »

Effective Cavity Care With A Filling

When patients learn that they need cavity treatment, they may worry that the necessary care will permanently change their smile. A restoration is needed to protect your tooth, as decay leads to permanent damage that must be addressed. What might surprise you is that with the right restoration, it is possible to both restore your… Read more »

Using Aligners To Fix Crooked Teeth

The problems with your uneven smile can affect more than just your appearance. If your teeth are not straightened, you can continue to struggle with difficulties connected to an uneven bite movement, including difficulties with persistent jaw pain. You can also have a harder time keeping your smile clean because certain portions of teeth are… Read more »

Why Teeth Cleanings Occur During Checkups

The regular dental exams that you schedule will provide you with important support for your smile. During these reviews, your Charles City, IA dentist can look out for cavities as well as different problems that concern your periodontal health, your jaw movement, and any other issues with your oral structures and well-being. Your appointments also… Read more »