Month: February 2022

Your Confidence After Dental Bonding

There are many ways to project a general sense of confidence, but your ability to do so can be impaired when you lack confidence in your smile. Even minor dental flaws can stop you from feeling comfortable with your appearance, as they can be hard to hide. At our Charles City, IA dentist’s office, we… Read more »

How Can I Show Off A Whiter Smile?

If you have already tried to use a whitening toothpaste or over the counter whitening treatment, you can feel more than a little concerned by the stubbornness of enamel stains. Discoloration that affects your smile can be surprisingly tough to treat when you try to manage the problem on your own. However, this does not… Read more »

Is It Time For A Root Canal Treatment?

There are different approaches that we can take when we need to treat cavities. For problems with decay that are caught in time, care can be surprisingly conservative. With a custom dental filling, we can protect the area where your tooth experienced harm while leaving the remaining structure alone. However, when a cavity keeps growing… Read more »

What Can Veneers Change About Your Smile?

You may feel self-conscious about your smile today, but with the right procedure, you can put these negative feelings behind you. Our Charles City, IA dental practice can help you change the way you look for the better with custom porcelain veneers. Through the placement of these restorations, we can hide a number of flaws—you… Read more »