Month: December 2021

Taking Home Your Personalized Whitening Kit

Is there something you can do at home to change the color of your smile? If you have tried to use store bought whitening kits or toothpaste that offered help with enamel stains, you may feel concerned at the lack of overall improvements you enjoyed. Fortunately, these are not your only options. At our Charles… Read more »

Will Your Dental Work Include A Root Canal?

While you can be well aware that a cavity has to be treated by your dentist, you may be less sure of what service you need when decay is a problem for one of your teeth. In some cases, it is necessary to perform a root canal to take care of your tooth. Through this… Read more »

Scheduling Bonding And Contouring Work

How would you like to make your smile more attractive while minimizing any changes to your tooth structure? For many people, a conservative cosmetic treatment can be an appealing way to take on imperfections with the shape, size, or color of certain teeth that stand out and draw negative attention. Your Charles City, IA dentist… Read more »

Considering Veneers As A Treatment Option

Are you someone who wants to regain confidence in their smile? Should you explore the benefits of a cosmetic dental procedure? While there are many reasons why people look at their options for services, there are also reasons why they talk themselves out of exploring how treatment can benefit them. For many, the concern can… Read more »