Month: July 2021

Receiving A Custom Crown To Protect A Tooth

While a healthy tooth is strong enough to withstand considerable biting and chewing forces, one that is damaged or affected by decay will need help. When damage does affect our enamel, the harm can be permanent. This is why restorative services rely on fillings and crowns to provide lasing support after the treatment itself. At… Read more »

Should I Really Worry About Gingivitis?

If you have a cavity, you should know that it will keep growing until you have it treated. Putting off restorative dental work makes you vulnerable to complications that can lead to issues like tooth infection, and may even leave you vulnerable to losing your tooth! Another problem that can worsen without timely treatment is… Read more »

Can Bruxism Really Damage My Dental Enamel?

Enjoying a full night’s rest benefits your mental and physical health in important ways. With that being said, there is a nightly issue that can negatively affect your well-being while you rest. Those who suffer from bruxism can grind and clench their jaw while unconscious, leading to worrying wear and tear on their enamel as… Read more »

Starting Treatments With Your Whitening Kit

Teeth whitening treatment provided by your dentist can deliver impressive results, even for people who have seen a lack of meaningful change after using a store bought treatment. What makes professional kits different from those that can be picked up from store shelves? Your Charles City, IA dentist can supply a customized treatment solution that… Read more »