Month: June 2021

Using Invisalign Instead Of Metal Braces

Because they are reluctant to start a procedure that relies on fixed, hard-to-miss metal braces, people affected by malocclusion may avoid treatment. If you are someone who has issues with the alignment of their teeth, it can be beneficial to look into treatment with Invisalign aligners! Through the use of Invisalign appliances, you can correct… Read more »

Making Treatment Plans After Tooth Loss

If you put off treatment to replace lost teeth, you can experience complications that hurt your oral health and make you increasingly self-conscious about your smile. A gap actually makes you more likely to lose neighboring teeth, which means this is a problem that can worsen in time. You also have to worry about problems… Read more »

Trusting Veneers To Improve Your Smile

There are gradual changes to your smile that you can begin to fixate on over time. Problems with the color of your teeth, trouble with visible wear and tear, and even the erosion of layers of your enamel can become cosmetic concerns. Of course, for some people, certain flaws have been a concern for as… Read more »

A Root Canal Can Stop Active Dental Pain

How worried should you be if you have tooth pain without an obvious cause? That lingering discomfort is not something to shrug off, as it can point to a problem with an advanced cavity that needs your dentist’s attention! Without timely care, a severe cavity can cause bacteria to spread beyond your tooth, and may… Read more »