Month: November 2020

These Flossing Tips Can Help You Maintain Healthier Teeth!

Failing to properly and consistently floss can be more costly than you realize. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly assume that they will not have to worry about flossing each day if they want to prevent dental problems, while others simply fail to make time for this practice. Without a flossing routine in place, you can let… Read more »

Chip Your Tooth During Your Thanksgiving Meal? We Can Help!

No matter how intimate or casual your gathering is, a Thanksgiving meal with your family can be a true delight…unless that meal ends with a chipped tooth! The unfortunate truth is that one unlucky bite can leave you with damaged enamel. If that happens, you should have your dentist evaluate the injury – even if… Read more »

Arranging Restorative Dental Work For A Dental Emergency

Restorative dental work is often arranged after a dental exam reveals that a cavity has formed on a tooth, or when a patient comes in to see us about a recently-developed toothache. However, under some circumstances it may need to take place with little advance notice. If you injure a tooth, you can reach out… Read more »

Can Grinding Your Teeth Really Cause Oral Health Problems?

One physical response to stress that many people experience is an increase in unconscious teeth grinding. This can be uncomfortable during the day, but it can be a particularly worrying problem if you engage in this habit while you sleep. Over time, nighttime teeth grinding can lead to wear and tear that hurts your smile,… Read more »

Arranging Tooth Decay Treatment That Preserves Your Smile

The condition of your tooth will continue to worsen if you do not schedule cavity treatment. The unfortunate truth is that dental decay will gradually worsen in time until a dentist has addressed the matter, and the problem can reach a stage where the tooth experiences a painful infection. Why would someone put off a… Read more »