Month: October 2020

Bothered By A Hurt Or Misshapen Tooth? Bonding Can Help!

Tooth bonding treatments are recommended for patients facing a range of different cosmetic issues. If you have a tooth that is visibly damaged, or one that sticks out because of its shape or size, this procedure can lead to welcome smile improvements while minimizing actual changes to your tooth structure. At our Charles City, IA… Read more »

3 Reasons Patients Choose Treatment With Porcelain Veneers

How confident do you currently feel in the way you look when you smile? For many people, at least one dental flaw exists that they would like to address. While these different issues can vary, many can be treated with the same procedure. Our Charles City, IA dentist’s office offers several cosmetic dental procedures, including… Read more »

Learn What Role Dental Crowns Play In Cavity Treatment

If your dentist spots a cavity during a routine dental exam, what happens next? What will it take to make sure that your tooth is safe, and that the damage done by decay does not cause lingering problems? The right approach to restorative dental work is important, as a cavity’s damage is permanent. At our… Read more »

Start Discussing Dental Implant Placement With Your Dentist

Living with tooth loss is not ideal, as this problem often leads to the loss of more teeth, and it can make actions as simple as speaking, chewing, and biting difficult or frustrating. The sooner you act to resolve this problem, the sooner you can regain confidence in your appearance and dental function! At our… Read more »