Month: August 2020

Why You Should Mention Snoring Issues To Your Dentist

There should be little doubt in your mind that a toothache is something to mention to your dentist during a routine dental exam. What you might not realize is that your visits can cover more than just common concerns about tooth decay and gum disease. Those who struggle with nightly snoring, or worry about possible… Read more »

Can Root Canal Therapy Really Help Me Stop My Toothache?

Once a toothache starts to affect you, it can be difficult to ignore the matter. What you should know is that dental pain may be a warning that your tooth is in worse shape than you might suspect. Your pain may be linked to advanced dental decay, which will mean that root canal therapy will… Read more »

Bothered By Crooked Teeth? Learn More About Invisalign!

While you can protect yourself against tooth decay, gum disease, and teeth stains with the right daily behaviors, naturally occurring problems with the alignment of your smile can still fluster you. In addition to creating problems for the way you look, malocclusion can interfere with your bite function, and may make it difficult for you… Read more »

Arranging Prosthetic Work After A Tooth Extraction

When a patient requires restorative dental work, the goal will be to provide it while using the most conservative treatment approach possible. A tooth extraction is only arranged when there are no treatment options that will allow you to keep the tooth in place. If this procedure is required, our Charles City, IA dentist’s office… Read more »

Does Your Brushing Routine Really Keep Your Teeth Safe?

Your teeth remain safe thanks to good oral hygiene habits, smart diet choices, and consistent preventive care from your dentist. While many people feel confident in the routines they have established, it can be difficult to avoid problems that demand restorative dentistry if you fail to identify and correct mistakes. As time passes, people grow… Read more »