Month: May 2020

Let’s Address Your Concerns About Cavity Treatment

While it would be odd to encounter someone who was excited to have a cavity, the process of restoring an unhealthy tooth is not something you have to fear. Treatment can put a stop to problems that threaten your well-being and the health of your tooth, and the placement of a modern restoration can preserve… Read more »

Can Fatigue Affect Your Efforts To Care For Your Teeth?

How often do you find yourself feeling groggy, sluggish, or just plain exhausted? It can be difficult to live a life without some moments of fatigue, but it can be concerning to frequently experience these feelings. If you frequently struggle with fatigue, it may affect your ability to consistently practice habits that help you maintain… Read more »

How Long Should You Take To Effectively Brush Your Teeth?

Should you be satisfied with your current oral hygiene regimen, or is there room for improvement in your routine? One thing to consider if you are evaluating your habits is how long you tend to spend on brushing your teeth. To make sure you enjoy a thorough cleaning, you should spend at least two minutes… Read more »

How A Change In Your Daily Life Can Impact Your Oral Health

While your “typical” day may vary quite a bit over time, there certain practices that should remain consistent. It is important for you to keep up with a dependable preventive dental care routine if you want to avoid problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Even a short-term disruption can be enough to allow tartar… Read more »