Month: April 2020

Should Bad Breath Make You Concerned About Your Oral Health?

If you think your breath might be affected by a foul odor, a mint can help you quickly deal with the problem. However, this is only a short-term solution, and it can leave the cause of your bad breath unaddressed. Sometimes, people start to notice they have bad breath and take it as a sign… Read more »

Concerned About A Lost Or Broken Crown? Talk To Your Dentist

As long as a dental crown remains in place, a tooth can remain safe against problems like infection or physical damage. Problems that affect teeth can lead to permanent damage, which is why restorations like crowns are designed to offer long-term support. With good habits in place, a patient can keep a crown in good… Read more »

Can Stressful Episodes Be A Problem For Your Oral Health?

While you might have a hard time finding someone who likes experiencing stress, it can be difficult to avoid. When stress is not being properly managed, it can take a toll on your physical health as well as your emotional and mental well-being. You might be surprised to know that periods of stress can even… Read more »

These Tips Can Help You Protect Your Kids From Tooth Decay

Good oral health is one of many things parents understandably want for their kids, but it is one that can have a significant effect on them over time. When kids pick up effective habits at an early age, and enjoy access to pediatric dental care, they can develop more comfort with good oral hygiene that… Read more »