Month: March 2020

Is There A Way To Save My Injured Tooth?

An injury that affects your smile can upset you for many reasons. There is the obvious concern about pain, and the impact of the injury on your overall well-being, but there is also the real fear that dental damage will permanently alter your smile. While some dental injuries are too severe for the tooth in… Read more »

How We Take Care Of Dental Emergencies

When thinking about emergencies, dental issues may not even cross your mind. However, there are several dental issues that, if they are left alone, can become even bigger problems in the future. So, in today’s blog, your Charles City, IA, dentist will explain how to recognize a dental emergency, and how we can help you… Read more »

How Your Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health

In times of worrying about our physical health and well-being, we can’t forget to check in on our dental health. In fact, our oral health issues can aggravate already existing health issues you may have, and can point to and even cause other major problems. In today’s blog, your Charles City, IA, dentist will share… Read more »

3 Female Dentists Who Left An Impact

March is National Women’s History Month, which makes it a great time to remember the many women who left an impact on the world of dentistry. While there are too many to mention, in today’s blog, your Charles City, IA, dentist will share some facts about three female dentists who impacted the course of history… Read more »

Tongue Scraping: Should You Do It?

When dental health products become more mainstream, you may find yourself wondering if you need to upgrade your routine to include them. You have likely heard that you should brush your tongue, and some toothbrushes even have a tongue brush on the other side of the bristles. However, there is also a different tool you… Read more »