Achieve a Fresh Smile For the New Year

Even if you have no structural problems with your smile that would require restorative dental work, such as missing teeth or cavities, you may still find yourself wishing you could change your smile’s appearance. If you want a whiter, straighter smile for the new year, your Charles City, IA, dentist is prepared to help you achieve a fresh look through the use of cosmetic dentistry.


A Customized Smile

At Central Park Dentistry, Dr. Hansen offers customized cosmetic smile improvement to help your teeth keep a youthful and beautiful appearance. At your appointment, he will consult with you about your individual desires, as we recognize that everyone’s wants and needs are different. From there, he will help you to create a plan to conquer any parts of your smile that you may feel self-conscious about.

What Does Cosmetic Dentistry Include?

Cosmetic dentistry includes procedures that help your smile look its best, but excludes restorative procedures like tooth replacement and crowns. Anything done to make your teeth straighter or whiter is cosmetic dentistry, and we provide several options at Central Park Dentistry.

  • If you are wanting a straighter smile, Invisalign® may be a great solution for you. With none of the risk of wires and brackets poking your mouth, and no dentist visits to tighten them like traditional braces, Invisalign® is a more comfortable option than traditional orthodontics. The sets of clear trays go home with you after your appointment, and each set is worn for about two weeks. The trays can be removed for eating and brushing, which means none of the food restrictions or special brushing and flossing procedures of traditional braces. And, of course, since they’re clear, they are so subtle that most people wont notice you’re wearing them.
  • If you have a minor chip or jagged edge on your tooth or a gap between two teeth, bonding and contouring could be the way to go. Bonding uses a tooth-colored resin to fill in gaps, while contouring gently sculpts your teeth to smooth down rough edges. In some cases, Dr. Hansen may use a combination of both to achieve your smile goals.
  • If you desire a whiter smile, Dr. Hansen can create a customized take-home teeth whitening kit for you to address any surface stains. The customized trays and professional-strength whitening gel can help you dramatically improve the appearance of your smile in as few as two weeks.
  • If you have several smile concerns to address at once, Dr. Hansen may recommend porcelain veneers. These thin layers of porcelain are bonded to the fronts of your teeth to correct multiple issues in just a single procedure, leaving you with a smoother, whiter smile after just one visit.

Want to Learn More?

A beautiful smile can help you achieve the self-confidence you need to face the new year. To learn more about our cosmetic dentistry options and how you can achieve a total smile makeover, schedule a visit by calling Central Park Dentistry in Charles City, IA, today at (641) 228-1115. We also proudly welcome patients from Osage, New Hampton, and all surrounding communities.